Thursday, March 10, 2011

getting my business out

every entrepreneur starts small. and marketing place a big part to let everybody know you & your product exists.

** i've been using craigslist since 2009 & i've never had any trouble with anything (posting ads, buying & selling items). and since its free, i posted my diaper cake ad 3 weeks ago. the first 20 minutes that my ad was published, i got an order right away! yes, craigslist will be my bff for a long time. unfortunately, my excitement faded because somebody flagged my ad. it happened over & over again for the past 2 weeks. but this week, i "fought" back. this is my new ad:

a perfect & practical gift for mommy/daddy to be. i can customize/personalize the diaper cake for you. photos posted here are some of my creations. prices start at $15. all items are brand new & assembled in a smoke/pet free home.
pls email for inquiries or questions. cash transactions only. please no spammers.
i have been trying to post my ad for weeks now & someone is
flagging it all the time. to MR or MISS FLAGGER, this is a free
website. don't be rude.
thanks for reading. have a great day.

oh it was all out "war" for me. yesterday alone, my ad was flagged 4 times. each time it was flagged, i published it again. i'm home all the time so i can pretty much monitor my email. i have another order & one inquiry so far. i emailed craigslist three times. nobody got back to me.

**everybody i know is in facebook. this is another powerful social media that everybody can utilize. so i tagged everyone i know with photos of the diaper cakes. this is pretty much a wait & see approach. my page is viewable only to friends. so if you're not my friend, you can only see my website link. take a peek of my facebook page - chona el.

**i found out about wisconsinsuperads thru google. i was just surfing the web one day searching for diaper cakes in wisconsin. honestly, the registration process is so quick & easy. posting ads are free & takes a few clicks. it's a very user friendly website. (not as complicated as craigslist) however, nobody seems to be using it. i'm guessing it's a new website. one thing i found out - they don't allow you to post links. your ad will not be published if it contains links to other websites.

**i delivered my first diaper cake just this monday. i printed some calling cards & gave it to my customer. i also glued one card in the cake plate & inserted another card in the cake.

**i also visited the hospital yesterday & gave out flyers & calling cards to everybody.

i know i still have a lot of marketing venues to consider. i'm taking it one day, one step at a time.