Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sweet november

our little girl turned two this month. until now, i still wake up thinking that everything was just a dream. but it is real. everyday, i see her dance, jump, climb & run all over the place. i hear the giggles when i tickle her. i feel every hug she gives me.

it has been a fun & challenging two years for sure. every parent will agree with me that it is not all roses & rainbows. but at the end of the day, seeing her thrive & smile melts my heart a thousand fold.

a child's birth is a celebration of life. it is also a celebration of parenthood. being a parent means giving a lifelong commitment of selfless & unconditional love to your child.

i am very thankful to God for giving us this opportunity to care for one precious life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

windows movie maker

it's that time of the year again for me to start my windows movie maker project. i began making this a few years back. it's very easy to do & makes a priceless gift to loved ones.

my goal this year is to create three videos: our trip to the philippines, visit with friends last august & our family video.

first on my list - philippines trip.

Friday, November 25, 2011

an eye for bargain (14) black friday edition

yes, it is black friday! everybody was out & about looking for the doorbuster deals. personally, i don't have to wait for this day every year to score great sales. shopping smartly all through out the year is a much better strategy for me.

so even before this day started, i did my bargain hunting last week.

*girl's dress - $4.48
*girl's top - $1.48
*girl's rompers - $1.48
*girl's top & shorts set - $2.48
*junior knit top - $2.99
*junior cover all - $4.48

[i used my macy's coupon $10 off $25 purchase. so the prices listed above is my final out of pocket before taxes.]

and i found more cheap clearance items...
*2 junior long sleeves top - $2.39 each
*1 junior short sleeves top - $2.39
*tyler rodan handbag - $6.70

*girl's twill pants - $1.50
*boy's pants $1.25
*2 women's xhilliration sleepwear - free with $0.52 overage [after $3 tpc]
*2 up & up facial tissue 100 ct - free [paid with overage & $0.50 tpc]

it has been awhile since i got a coupon from kohl's. but i always make sure it's not wasted. and what do you think i got? something for the little girl, of course! {such a cute outfit...i knew i had to get it for her.}
*girl's tutu dress - $4.40 [after $10 kohl's coupon]

this is my third year shopping during black friday. and my first to shop alone. {hubby & little girl were both sound asleep.}

it has been our practice to go after all the stores open. we never wait in line like a lot of people do. once i'm inside, i find the item right away. i scope out the check out lanes for the shortest line. i've been lucky enough to get out of the stores in half an hour or less.

these were the only things i got today:
bestbuy - toshiba 19" flat screen tv $129.99
target - disney princess sit n play table $9.99
walmart - brother sewing machine $49.97/sandisk 4gb flashdrive $5/sandisk 4gb micro sd card $5

some of the stuff that i had in my shopping list were already sold out. but that is fine with me. i've always had this belief if i'm not able to buy it...then it's not meant for me {save it for later}.

i hope you all had a good thanksgiving! and looking forward to the holidays!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY - birthday poster & bunting

and to complete the birthday party...birthday poster & birthday bunting!

for the birthday poster, i created an 11x14 collage in picasa. had a special last month for the 11x14 photo poster.  i only paid $1.99 instead of $9.99.  i taped this to the door of the play place during the party. 
for the birthday bunting, i also created a 4x6 collage in picasa.  and ordered the photo prints at target.
i used the following materials:  glue, scissors, ruler, ribbons, cutter, puncher & cereal boxes.
first, glue the 4x6 photos in the cereal boxes.  {i let everything dry overnight.}
with the use of the ruler & cutter, score each photo.
then cut curves on the bottom corners.
for the upper left & right corners of the photo, cut holes with the use of a puncher.
insert the ribbon in the hole & tie a knot.
tying a knot helps to secure each photo.
for a girly touch, i added a bow & some curling ribbons.
it was so easy to do, i actually made a similar bunting for a friend's birthday yesterday.  {i'm preparing my christmas holiday bunting now}.
i will definitely use this again for her birthday next year.  {or maybe make another one?}

Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY - ice cream balloons

our little angel loves balloons. she calls it "banoons". it is one of the most inexpensive decor you can add to a party. and it will always be a big hit with the kids {& adults too}.

so for her birthday party, i found this idea from pinterest. it's a simple spruce up for ordinary balloons.

i used 9 inch balloons (in pink & yellow), scissors, clear tape & brown construction paper (you can also use scrapbook paper).

first, blow up the balloons. i used my hubby's air compressor because they last longer. {it's been three weeks now & the balloons have not deflated at all}. the helium balloons only lasted a week.

roll up the construction paper into a cone & cut off the excess. {i decided to cut zigzags for the rim}.
place the balloon inside the cone & secure it with the clear tape.
there you have it! they are just the cutest & i can't help but admire them myself.

and my final birthday diy, poster & bunting.

Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY - birthday photo board

i admit...i'm a mamarazzi! since day one of our daughter's birth, i have been taking pictures of her non-stop. thank goodness, we're in the digital age. i don't have to worry about over exposed & wasted films or wait for them to get printed.

i don't regret taking all those pictures & videos. once in awhile, i like to sit down & browse thru them. i still can't believe that it has been two years.

again, pinterest was my source for the birthday photo board. it's a very simple & easy way to "showcase" our little girl from 13 - 23 months old.
i hang the photos (one for each month) with the use of clothespins & ribbons. and for a whimsical look, i glued different colored ribbons to each clothespin.

next project, ice cream balloons.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY - thank you goodie bags for adults & teens

i love surprises.  and planning a surprise is what i'm good at.  everybody at avery's party had a surprise.  they all got a "thank you" goodie bag.  of course, nobody was expecting it. one even said "i've never gone to a party &  get to take home something."

for the tweens & teens thank you goodie bag: 
a candy & chocolate bar, sticky notepad & pen
for the adults thank you goodie bag:
magnetic list pad, sticky notepad, 2 pens & poem magnet
i created a 4x6 collage in picasa with the poem {searched a lot of children's poems online}.   then ordered free photo prints at  using mod podge, i glued it to a foam board.  and  placed magnets at the back of the board.
i also used picasa to make the "thank you" tags & ordered free prints at
for me, sending thank you cards is passe.  the best time & place to thank everyone for coming & celebrating our girl's birthday is right after the party.

next diy, photo board.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY - kid's birthday goodie bags

i have made these bags way back in high school. it's an easy & quick way to wrap a gift. {of course - smaller gifts.}

after i bought the toys & treats for avery's birthday, i knew right away that this will be the perfect goodie bags for all the kids.

for the first time on this blog, i am adding a video tutorial. check it out here.

next, thank you goodie bags for adults & teens.

Monday, November 7, 2011

birthday prep for my two year old

this year, discovering pinterest ignited my imagination & craftiness.
it was perfect timing for my girl's second birthday party.
in the next few days, i will share my tips & ideas.
ice cream balloons, birthday bunting, birthday posters
13 - 23 months photo board
thank you goodie bags for adults
thank you goodie bags for teens
goodie bags for boys
goodie bags for girls

Sunday, November 6, 2011

my dearest little girl (23 mos)

well the last three weeks...mommy has been pretty busy planning & preparing for your birthday. and you have been a busy bee as well. all of a sudden, you're saying a lot of words. you're even singing "hap woo" & counting "one, two...five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten". daddy even taught you to say the letter "W". {we're so amazed that you can actually say "W".}
you're second birthday party celebration was held at mcdonald's. you had a blast playing with everybody & tagging your birthday balloons around the play place.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

an eye for bargain (13)

i have been busy for the past two weeks planning & preparing for our little girl's birthday party. but i managed to find some good deals {before most of my coupons expired}.

*beechnut stage 4 cookies - free [after $3.29/1 mc]
*huggies snug n dry diapers - $7.49 [after $1.50/1 mc]
*3 packs huggies slip on diapers - $5.99 each [after $3/1 mc]

*sally hansen nail clipper - free [after $1/1 mc & $1/1 tc]
*2 boxes up & up facial tissue 100 ct - $0.49 each [after $0.50/1 tpc]
*up & up furniture polish - $2.39 [after $0.75/1 tpc]
*up & up disinfecting wipes 35 ct - $1.44 [after $0.75/1 tpc]
*up & up disinfecting wipes 75 ct - $2.99 [after $1/1 tpc]
*off lotion - $1.14 [75% clearance]
*up & up disinfecting wipes 35 ct - $1.44 [after $0.75/1 tpc]
*6boxes up & up facial tissue 100 ct - $0.49 each [after $0.50/1 tpc]
*up & up girls training pants - $5.53 [after $1/1 tpc]
*renuzit adjustable air freshener - free [after $1/1 mic]
*2 crayola craft kits - $2.48 each [75% clearance]
*nivea body wash - $0.99 [after $2/1 mc & $1/1 tc]
*17 magnetic list pads - $0.30 each [70% clearance]
*27 sticky notes - $0.30 each [70% clearance]
*2 up & up feminine pads - $2.89 [after $1/1 tpc]
*4 bags m & m's fun size - $1.19 each [after $1.50/1 mic]

tc - target coupon
mc - manufacturer's coupon
tpc - target printable coupon
mic - manufacturer's internet coupon