Tuesday, May 31, 2011

an eye for bargain (3)

i hope everybody had a good memorial day celebration. me & my little girl went shopping last monday. yes, most of the stores were open. it's actually a good day to go out because it is quiet & definitely no store crowd.

here's what i have in my shopping bag....


=> jeggings - $1.48
=> string bikini top & bottom - $ 6 each
=> string bikini top - $10
=> white tie-shoulder tiered sundress - $7.74

M A C Y ' S

=> 2 t-shirts - $ 2.39 each
=> blue denim skinny jeans - $7.99
=> white boot leg skinny jeans - $5.59
*this was my final price after using my 20% savings pass coupon

=> printed romper - $10.98
=> bikini bottom - $3.74

K O H L ' S

lastly, my favorite find for this shopping trip - cargo capris pants! i only paid $6.20 after i used my two coupons ($5 off & 15% off).

Monday, May 30, 2011

spreading the love - my homemade spreadable butter

a year ago while grocery shopping, i decided to buy a couple of spreadable butter because it was on sale (half the price!). my hubby asked me: "why do you have to buy that when you can make your own?" i gave him a weird look like he doesn't know what he was talking about. then weeks later, my co-worker told me that she makes her own spreadable butter. she gave me instructions & i have been making it eversince.

for my recipe, i use a pound of unsalted butter & a cup of olive oil. i usually soften the butter at room temperature in the morning & by night time it will be ready for mixing. using a hand held electric mixer, beat the oil & butter until smooth. i start at low then gradually work my way to the highest setting. the reason for this is avoiding a lot of splatter from the mixture. after blending, you can transfer it in any container & refrigerate right away.

quick & easy! it saved us a lot of money & definitely a healthier option.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

picasa & blog banner

i came across this amazing blog (clover lane) that gives a tutorial about making a blog banner in picasa. i've been using picasa for simple editing but never really bothered to explore the collage option.  as you can see, my blog has changed. i'm satisfied with my work. now my blog looks more personalized. =D

Friday, May 27, 2011

an eye for bargain (2)

i went to kohl's the other day & did a quick check of the clearance items in the kids' clothing department. and this is what i bought for my little girl...

little lass 3 pc outfit (24 mos) - 70% mark down for only $10.20

too good to be true! right? but here's the best part...

hubby & i both signed up at kohl's.com to receive special deals & promotions. and just for signing up - each of us got a $5 shopping pass!

so for this cute outfit, i ended up paying only 21 cents (tax included).

and today, i got another $5 pass good until memorial day. heading to kohl's again this weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

my dearest little girl (18 mos)

exactly a year ago, you were only six months old. just starting to crawl and you love to giggle a lot. indeed time flies so fast. nowadays, your dad and i can hardly keep up with you. you're all over the place! talking (mostly babbling gibberish), walking, laughing, crying, dancing, running, climbing...our baby on the loose! daddy's little mayhem & destructiod.

tomorrow is mothers' day. it now has a special meaning for me since i had you. and like any mom, my only wish and prayer, is that you grow up to be a loving, kind and responsible woman of the world. (sounds like a lot?) i know you will be.

i hope reading this will inspire you & make your day better (if you're feeling blue). this is mommy's life long project based upon a fellow mom (styleberryphoto). 

every time i look at you sound asleep, it reminds me of the 3d ultrasound picture i was given before you were born. the first thing i noticed was your mouth & lips (just like dad's).