Saturday, May 7, 2011

my dearest little girl (18 mos)

exactly a year ago, you were only six months old. just starting to crawl and you love to giggle a lot. indeed time flies so fast. nowadays, your dad and i can hardly keep up with you. you're all over the place! talking (mostly babbling gibberish), walking, laughing, crying, dancing, running, climbing...our baby on the loose! daddy's little mayhem & destructiod.

tomorrow is mothers' day. it now has a special meaning for me since i had you. and like any mom, my only wish and prayer, is that you grow up to be a loving, kind and responsible woman of the world. (sounds like a lot?) i know you will be.

i hope reading this will inspire you & make your day better (if you're feeling blue). this is mommy's life long project based upon a fellow mom (styleberryphoto). 

every time i look at you sound asleep, it reminds me of the 3d ultrasound picture i was given before you were born. the first thing i noticed was your mouth & lips (just like dad's).