Monday, May 30, 2011

spreading the love - my homemade spreadable butter

a year ago while grocery shopping, i decided to buy a couple of spreadable butter because it was on sale (half the price!). my hubby asked me: "why do you have to buy that when you can make your own?" i gave him a weird look like he doesn't know what he was talking about. then weeks later, my co-worker told me that she makes her own spreadable butter. she gave me instructions & i have been making it eversince.

for my recipe, i use a pound of unsalted butter & a cup of olive oil. i usually soften the butter at room temperature in the morning & by night time it will be ready for mixing. using a hand held electric mixer, beat the oil & butter until smooth. i start at low then gradually work my way to the highest setting. the reason for this is avoiding a lot of splatter from the mixture. after blending, you can transfer it in any container & refrigerate right away.

quick & easy! it saved us a lot of money & definitely a healthier option.


  1. Do you find the olive oil imparts any taste? I normally buy the Land O Lakes spreadable butter, which we really like. But I'm curious about the idea of doing it at home!

  2. hi lwh! honestly, no olive oil after taste. for starters, make a smaller batch & use less olive oil. try to see if that will work for you.