Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY - birthday poster & bunting

and to complete the birthday party...birthday poster & birthday bunting!

for the birthday poster, i created an 11x14 collage in picasa. had a special last month for the 11x14 photo poster.  i only paid $1.99 instead of $9.99.  i taped this to the door of the play place during the party. 
for the birthday bunting, i also created a 4x6 collage in picasa.  and ordered the photo prints at target.
i used the following materials:  glue, scissors, ruler, ribbons, cutter, puncher & cereal boxes.
first, glue the 4x6 photos in the cereal boxes.  {i let everything dry overnight.}
with the use of the ruler & cutter, score each photo.
then cut curves on the bottom corners.
for the upper left & right corners of the photo, cut holes with the use of a puncher.
insert the ribbon in the hole & tie a knot.
tying a knot helps to secure each photo.
for a girly touch, i added a bow & some curling ribbons.
it was so easy to do, i actually made a similar bunting for a friend's birthday yesterday.  {i'm preparing my christmas holiday bunting now}.
i will definitely use this again for her birthday next year.  {or maybe make another one?}

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