Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY - thank you goodie bags for adults & teens

i love surprises.  and planning a surprise is what i'm good at.  everybody at avery's party had a surprise.  they all got a "thank you" goodie bag.  of course, nobody was expecting it. one even said "i've never gone to a party &  get to take home something."

for the tweens & teens thank you goodie bag: 
a candy & chocolate bar, sticky notepad & pen
for the adults thank you goodie bag:
magnetic list pad, sticky notepad, 2 pens & poem magnet
i created a 4x6 collage in picasa with the poem {searched a lot of children's poems online}.   then ordered free photo prints at  using mod podge, i glued it to a foam board.  and  placed magnets at the back of the board.
i also used picasa to make the "thank you" tags & ordered free prints at
for me, sending thank you cards is passe.  the best time & place to thank everyone for coming & celebrating our girl's birthday is right after the party.

next diy, photo board.

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