Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY - ice cream balloons

our little angel loves balloons. she calls it "banoons". it is one of the most inexpensive decor you can add to a party. and it will always be a big hit with the kids {& adults too}.

so for her birthday party, i found this idea from pinterest. it's a simple spruce up for ordinary balloons.

i used 9 inch balloons (in pink & yellow), scissors, clear tape & brown construction paper (you can also use scrapbook paper).

first, blow up the balloons. i used my hubby's air compressor because they last longer. {it's been three weeks now & the balloons have not deflated at all}. the helium balloons only lasted a week.

roll up the construction paper into a cone & cut off the excess. {i decided to cut zigzags for the rim}.
place the balloon inside the cone & secure it with the clear tape.
there you have it! they are just the cutest & i can't help but admire them myself.

and my final birthday diy, poster & bunting.

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