Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY - birthday photo board

i admit...i'm a mamarazzi! since day one of our daughter's birth, i have been taking pictures of her non-stop. thank goodness, we're in the digital age. i don't have to worry about over exposed & wasted films or wait for them to get printed.

i don't regret taking all those pictures & videos. once in awhile, i like to sit down & browse thru them. i still can't believe that it has been two years.

again, pinterest was my source for the birthday photo board. it's a very simple & easy way to "showcase" our little girl from 13 - 23 months old.
i hang the photos (one for each month) with the use of clothespins & ribbons. and for a whimsical look, i glued different colored ribbons to each clothespin.

next project, ice cream balloons.

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