Monday, December 27, 2010

windows movie maker

Wow, blogger seems to be more complicated now than it was in 2003. i did have an account before but i must have deleted it. i tried searching but to no avail. so here it is. a new start.

and where do i start? 

my brother ton-ton made this. pretty neat, i think. he told me he used windows movie maker & its free to download online. now that got me excited. i downloaded the free software & this is when my love for making movies started.

he even made a very nice video of our wedding.

and another funny video of me & jepoy.

the rest is history. check out my original videos here. believe it or not, i learned to make videos pretty quick. i think windows made it very user friendly, even a first grader can do it. and like any artist, i always need inspiration. all the videos i made starts with a song first. finding the perfect background music for a video makes a big difference.

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