Saturday, October 6, 2012

my dearest little girl (34 mos)

and the countdown for your birthday begins.  mom & grandma have been very busy preparing all your "birthday stuff".  and as always, i love everything to be handmade, personalized & unique.  [it's tiring & time consuming, but i'm doing it all for you.]
so what is up with you lately?  we're constantly reminding you to say please.  and thankfully, we have been hearing it more often than not.  we seldom hear you say YES but NO is pretty much your favorite word. you nod your head for approval or shake it otherwise. 
i reintroduced you to avocado & i'm so glad you loved it.  you like to jump - in the couch, in bed, in all the chairs, in the steps.  you like to receive coins & you place them in your piggy bank [which is half full already].  we taught you a couple of times to blow the candle, but you don't know how to do it until now.  surprisingly, you knew how to whistle right after you turned two.  however, you're good with blowing the straw in your cup.  [thank dad for the one time tutorial.]

everything in sight is "all mine" for you.  since you're the only kid in the house & no siblings to share your stuff with.  but if you're around other people, you are fine sharing anything.  [so i'm not worried about you getting selfish.] "pee-pee by myself", "jump by myself", "eat by myself", "put shoes by myself"..."i want to do it by myself" is your recurrent theme every single day.

one night, i asked you what you want for your birthday & you blurted out, "MONEY!" grandma & i were speechless. we expected you to say toys instead. was that just a random answer or where you thinking about your piggy bank?  we will never know what was in your mind when you said that. 
first official salon haircut
enjoying the last day of indian summer 
a closer look at momy's giant sunflower 
all the girlies in the house need to have a backpack

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