Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY - recycled toy box

reduce, reuse, recycle
we've heard this a million times.
but are we doing anything about it?
every chance i get, i try my best to do it.

today was a good day to make her some toy boxes.
i've been procrastinating on this project for awhile
since i know its very quick & easy to do.

everything i need was pretty much on hand:
boxes (the bigger, the better)
pair of scissors/cutter; tape
colored flyers or magazines; construction paper
and some imagination
wrap the boxes with colored flyers.
it doesn't have to be perfect.
{i made sure all the edges & corners we're taped
because my little angel is a chewer}
i cut out different shapes with the construction paper
& taped it to the box.
and for a personalized touch, i added her name.
now its wait & see how long these boxes
will take a beating from the little girl.

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