Thursday, July 7, 2011

my dearest little girl (20 mos)

another month older! you're still babbling a lot. once in a awhile, you're dad & i would hear you blurt out sounds that seem to be words. ha-yo (hello), b-ker (booker), ka (car), nat (goodnight), ha (hi). you could be saying more but we still can't figure it out.

next monday, your speech therapy session will start. hopefully it will help speed up everything. everybody says you will talk eventually. the therapy is free & i want to take advantage of this service. this is all for you & i know its the right thing to do.

your favorite spot in the couch with dad.
you ask what is the green stuff on your face?
crayons! you were busy coloring the paper, magazine & yourself.
our little cottage cheese girl & virgin mary (according to dad)

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