Monday, September 26, 2011

it all started one summer day in june of 2009. my husband and i drove around resorts and camp grounds surrounding big lake chetac. we were searching for a place to rent for our fishing trip later that year in august.

and luckily, we found the perfect place! a very small resort with only three rustic cabins for rent. the rest of it is occupied by trailer homes and pull behind campers.
this is big lake chetac - view from the dock
our fishing boat - aluminum, flat-bottom, 14 ft. it's very light and can be pulled by our toyota yaris.

we used to stay in our small pull behind camper. but last spring, we bought this trailer home from one of the renters at the resort.

so what kind of fish do we catch in this lake?
small mouth bass
blue gill or sunfish
northern pike
perch, blue gill and crappy are the only fish that we keep.  the rest we throw them back in the lake.
hubby guts, cleans & fillets the catch for the day.
i pan fry the fish fillets with beer batter.
of course, this is a family activity! even avery goes with us all the time.
she was only six months old here. she pretty much slept in the boat and would only wake up to eat or drink her milk.
her life jacket was also her chew toy - convenient!
and a year later...she's walking, climbing and all over the boat.
she wouldn't stay in one spot anymore. she loves climbing all over her dad and checking his vest pockets. and she reaches her hand out by the edge of the boat to play with the water.

i thought fishing would be boring. but since my husband loves fishing, i tried it out for myself. it is actually fun. the only thing i wouldn't do until now is hook the bait. he would still do it for me. when i catch a fish, he also unhooks it for me. all i do is cast the fishing pole, reel in the fish and cook it later.

some of my friends know that if i'm "unreachable"...we are home away from home in williams' cottages and we've gone fishing....

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