Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my dearest little girl (21 mos)

i decided to write at the end of each month rather than the beginning. it makes more sense {don't you think?}

and how are you? good or bad...i hope you will learn to look at things more positively each day.

my, my, my...what a month it has been! you're saying more words now. shoe, sock, mom, by (butterfly), fawr (flower), da (dad), cheese, cow, bow (ball), bihd (bird). once in awhile, your dad and i would repeat a word, and you say it. it is really fun listening to you - babbling everyday. i can't wait for us to have a conversation pretty soon.

aside from your speech, you're much aware of everything around you now. as dad calls it - "investigating all the time". you are very observant & very independent. you would rather figure something out than ask for our help. most of the time, you get frustrated by wailing or crying because you did not get what you wanted. occasionally, we would spank you because you mess around with the computer or a lot of stuff in the house. but surprisingly, you just smile or even laugh and hardly cry at all. {is this a preview of how hard it will be to discipline you? - i hope not.}

today was such a nice day. i can't let it pass so i took you out for a good walk {and some needed sun-vit D}.
running...running in the middle of the road. luckily it is a dead end road, so there is hardly any cars driving by.
investigating the cracks...you love to get the pebbles or sand in between the cracks.
when it's time to head back home...you didn't want to go. instead you lay down in the ground. {stubborness at play here?}
and all that energy got you exhausted. you even ate some of daddy's sweet corn on the cob.

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