Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY - ball maze box

here is my version of a ball maze box that i originally found in pinterest. i used a medium sized box for this project. for the maze, i cut the sides of two cereal boxes. then, i attached each one diagonally inside the box using a glue gun. finally, i cut a hole above the maze. done!
she played with dad's golf balls. it is pretty much what i can think of when i made this. but when she's older, marbles will also be good. [i found a bag full of marbles in one of hubby's boxes of keepsake].
yes, it does not take much to entertain her. but i have to make sure that i watch her playing all the time. she is such a destructiod. she throws, tramples or tears anything. 
oh well, it is part of learning and growing up [for both of us].

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