Thursday, October 6, 2011

my dearest little girl (22 mos)

where did summer go? warm days are over. but we got lucky this week. it got warm again after a cold september month.

we have been going to the Family Resource Center at the mall for four weeks now. your play group meets every wednesday morning. most of the kids are older than you. i noticed that you're still not used to playing/mingling with others. you always wander away & play by yourself. {hopefully you'll start to socialize more in the weeks to come}.

we had our dinner picnic at phoenix park today.
you just love getting your fingers in between the blocks. my cellphone has become your constant play toy when we're out & about.
thank goodness for strollers! i wouldn't leave our house without it. anytime you get fussy or sleepy i just strap you in it.
and mommy's sidekick for life. =)

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