Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY - jazz up that vase

how many of us have tons of vases laying around in the house or probably squirreled somewhere?  i know i do!  i love to pick fresh flowers from our garden this time of the year. 
and its the only time i get to use my vases. 
yesterday was a perfect day to do just that. 
but this year, im giving my vases a makeover. 

yep!  decorate it and jazz it up!

so here is my ever trusty vase...nice but a little boring.

and i only used tape (its just temporary for a couple of days), pair of scissors and a piece of ribbon
(got a lot of them because of my business)

and viola!  simple and quick!
i think i did it in less than a minute or maybe 30 seconds
(no kidding). 

i know my fresh carnations are already pretty on its own.  but a piece of ribbon certainly made a difference.  its an additional accent and a good contrast to the flowers as well.

here it is!  enjoying my flowers by our living room window.  i cant put it anywhere else because the little girl grabs on
to anything in her sight.

more simple projects soon....stay tuned!

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