Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my dearest little girl (19 mos)

how are you feeling today? in two weeks, its officially summer. it has been warm & humid this past few days. i have never seen you sweat as much today. your hair was all wet & cheeks all pink & rosy.  you are indeed daddy's girl - cold blooded.

another month has gone by. i've noticed more adamant behavior & independence. changing your diaper ignites screaming fits all the time. the baby gate gets a lot of shaking as well because you want to go to the kitchen. you don't like to be spoon fed anymore. but i found a way to do it still. i gave you finger foods while spoon feeding at the same time (mom wants to make sure you eat your mashed fruits & veggies). and the list goes on & on....

i always thought i have a lot of patience. but you have broken it. i get frustrated, you get frustrated. i know this is just the start of more things to come. but nonetheless, i want you to know that i am trying my very best to be the best mom for you. each day that we are together will always be a learning experience. i will always love you no matter what....
reading time starts when mom says: " get your books avery." and you hand it to me, one by one.
swimming with daddy @ sleep inn & suites indoor pool

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