Thursday, January 5, 2012

organizing & storing photos

it's a new year!  time does zap by quick when you have a two year old all over the place. 

i'm beginning my year getting organized.  i have six years worth of photos stored in our desktop & laptop.  hubby tries his best to back up all the files in an external hard drive when he has the time.  and i make sure the hard drive is kept in our fire safe. 

so it does sound like i've got everything in order.  nope.  i decided to store all the photos online as well.  [yep, i'm really overdoing this!]

i found stores unlimited photos for free.  [most websites are limited & others have fees.]  since its free, i created two accounts.  i'm doing a "double online back up" of all the photos.

shutterfly is very user-friendly.  i installed the express-uploader so it's faster & i can upload per folder with just one click.  plus, all the photos were uploaded in its full resolution.
and since i have taken a gazillion photos in the past six years, it's easier to name an album starting with the year.  [i've created 45 albums & still counting.]
when this is all done, i'll feel much better & secure.  i've got an online archive of all our photos.  yahoo!

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