Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY - sensory pasta box

we missed avery's playgroup today.
so to keep her occupied, i made a sensory pasta box.
i used her toy box, colored pasta in assorted shapes, plastic containers & a big spoon.
i just had to get a close up photo of the pasta.
it sure looks pretty!
she calls it "noonols". and yes, she did put it in her mouth once. [probably wondering why it's crunchy].
and the fun begins! scoop, scoop, scoop!
a couple of spills here & there. it's obvious that my girl doesn't really need much to be entertained. she was so engrossed & didn't even get distracted with the camera at all.
time to dump the "noonols" back in the box.
she enjoyed sliding everything in the cardboard tubes.
and after she's done, i saved all the pasta in airtight containers. [to play again, ofcourse].
thanks to the imagination tree blog for this fun idea.


  1. Kalingaw, Chon..It's like a sandbox gali minus the 'puling' portion haha...!

  2. right ng. i just dont like her playing with sand. =)