Friday, January 6, 2012

my dearest little girl (25 mos)

it's 2012 & in 11 months you will be three! [i know] it's pretty early to think about your birthday [but i am.] it's just nice to plan things early on.

and how has the past month been for you? crazy...amazing! you're talking non-stop & really catching on to almost every word we say. you've mastered one to ten & almost halfway through the alphabets [you're still missing l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v]. most days, you're pretty good at following simple instructions. we've started potty training but you're uninterested [even though you watch the potty dvd & book].

another thing you learned this month...saying NO. it is a simple word but conveys a lot. honestly, i never wanted you to say this word at all. but i guess i'm just dreaming. i cringe every time you say it. and i've been hearing it quite to food i'm giving you, no to potty, no to changing diaper, no to bath, no to sleep, no to doing what i tell you to do, no to watching tv, no to getting dressed, no to putting your shoes...endless no's all the time. you're a very head strong girl for sure. it's been a constant battle but i'm positive everything will turn out fine. your dad & i would even say YES, just to dispel & divert you from saying no.
it's one of those rare days when you get up the couch & take a nap on your own.
we baked butternut squash muffins yesterday.
it's nice to see you helping out. it just shows you're showing more interest in what i do.
i think you're more interested in the camera. you're even smiling here!