Monday, April 16, 2012

my first consignment sale

it's like the black friday of consignment sale! yep, that's the best way to put it. here we grow again is the biggest children's consignment sale in eau claire.

i heard about it three years ago when i was pregnant with avery. i was intrigued. so hubby & i checked out their fall 2009 sale. we bought a lot of winter outfits - all in great shape, mostly brand name & reasonably priced. and i've been going ever since.

but this year, i decided to be a consignor & business partner (goody bags). sounds like a lot of work? not! the website gives detailed instructions & information.  children's items that are in great condition are accepted [after going through volunteer screening].

these were all the clothes i prepared for the sale.
avery's stuff
my stuff [yes, i wear children's clothes all the time.]
shoes [not much]
instead of carrying everything to the drop-off, i placed avery's clothes in a big suitcase [mine didn't fit anymore].
four days of sale from april 12-15 & i sold 26 items @ $121. i got a check for $74.71 after deducting the $10 consignor fee & 30% commission.
overall, it was a fun experience. i'm definitely doing this again. i did miss the scheduled drop off time for my business cards for the goody bags. but thanks to mary jo for responding to my facebook inquiry.

and this was my special find during the sale...a wooden kitchen play table for my girl - $15.

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