Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY - product board

i'm excited to be a vendor for two events this coming weekend. this will be the first time for me to display my diaper cakes in a public setting. i have never done this before so i don't know what to expect.

i'm planning a simple table with my business cards, photo cards & samples of my diaper cakes [plus free candy]. i think it is also important to show the diaper cakes i have made for other customers. so i'm making my very own product board. 
*corkboard = reused avery's birthday board
*burlap fabric = remnant on clearance at walmart for $1.91
*pair of scissors
*colored & silver thumb tacks = this is a temporary board so i won't need the glue gun any longer. 
lay out the burlap over the corkboard & pin tacks on all four corners. this is to ensure that the burlap stays in place. i decided to pin the colored tacks close together. 
continue pinning the tacks on all sides of the board. i didn't have enough silver tacks so i spaced them out more. trim the burlap after all the tacks are in place. 
all done! and now to add all my photos... 
a closer look...
finally, it's ready to go & show!

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