Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cooking for two

my other reason for loving & appreciating summer - fresh produce! we started our very own garden in 2007. it is a lot of work {especially for hubby-tilling & weeding}. we planted late this year - june. but once the growing season starts, there is no stopping.
i don't have enough tomatoes for spaghetti.
so last night, i made taco salad.
divide the soft tacos into wedges & microwave for one minute. turn all the wedges & microwave for another minute. the tacos should be crispy. {heat more if its still soft & watch closely to make sure they don't burn}.
in a skillet, brown ground beef & taco seasoning {oops! forgot to add this with the ingredients}. mix onions, garlic, bell pepper & tomatoes. cook for 5 minutes.
to assemble,
layer plate with salad greens & tacos
add cooked ground beef & veggies. sprinkle with cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream.
there you have easy dinner to prepare!

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