Sunday, August 21, 2011

an eye for bargain (8)

oh my goodness! we have been busy the last two weeks - visiting friends & family, birthdays, baptism & traveling. {exhausting but fun of course} now im back and very ready to find more bargains!

MACY'S had a sale yesterday {thanks to my friend yumsy for updating me}. i snatched a pair of black alfani wedges for $17.25 after 75% off.
this junior summer shorts was 50% off for $9.99 {i have 2 pairs that i bought last june. its very comfy.}
girl's hello kitty rompers for only $2.98 after 40% off.
and girl's bathing suit for $2.98 after 40% off.
TARGET released a lot of good coupons at the start of this month. i was most excited with the coupons for women's & kid's apparel. i headed to the store right away & scoured the clearance section.
*2 wet ones - $0.79 each [after $0.50 tpc]
*3 10-pack papermate pens - free [after $1 tpc]
*cherokee denim shorts for kids - $2.90 each [after $2 tpc]
*mossimo denim shorts for kids - $1.24 each [after $2 tpc]
*oshkosh denim shorts for kids - $2.98 [after $2 tpc]
*mossimo women's skinny denim jeans - free [after $5 tpc]
*mossimo women's skinny denim pants - $2.48 [after $5 tpc]
*mossimo women's skinny cargo pants - $0.48 [after $5 tpc]
*mossimo women's shorts - i paid $4.48 & $1.48 [after $3 tpc]
*4 mossimo women's rompers - $7.48 [after $3 tpc]
turned out to be a perfect birthday gift for my friends.
note: "tpc" - target printable coupon from

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