Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my dearest little girl (24 mos)

and you are two years old! everybody says "terrible twos". a lot of people resign to this misnomer, but i will not. i have always been optimistic - always looking on the bright side.

two is a wonderful time. you are definitely saying more words & understand what it means. you can follow simple instructions. you imitate sounds & actions. you have always been a very independent girl. you like to figure out things on your own & would never ask for our help. but this last few weeks, i finally heard you say "open, please."

everyday, your dad & i are learning a lot. yes, you are only two but we are so proud of you. each new word or action you learn; finishing your food or drinking your milk; & taking your first potty alone. it is an amazement & gives us delight. we know you are reaching a lot of milestones.

more adventures & more discoveries to come my little girly girl.
we visited the library today for the first time. you had a lot of fun in the play area. we will visit more often in the coming months.

and yesterday, dad took us in the nearby cornfield for snow sledding. unfortunately, the hill wasn't steep enough. so he ended up dragging us behind the atv. you enjoyed the ride & cried when i took you out of the sled.

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