Wednesday, December 7, 2011

photo collage

this year, picasa has been my best friend for editing pictures, creating collages & beyond. actually, all of the photos & collages in my blog were created using this software. thanks to the easy tutorial in clover lane. i also found tons of websites, like DSE, that offer a lot of free digital scrapbooking paper.

here is an 8x10 birthday collage i made for my mom.

after avery turned one, i decided to continue making photo collages. i think its a great way to chronicle her growth. i have made twelve months of collages for her already. so why stop now?

this is her photo collage from thirteen to eighteen months old. occasionally offers free 8x10 photo collages. i make sure i get this freebie all the time.

these are the freebies i ordered

first birthday
philippines trip

nineteen to twenty one months old

twenty two & twenty three months old
second birthday
and another collage of her 2nd birthday that we will give to grammy for christmas.

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