Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY - my homemade christmas

i'm starting a tradition this christmas.
i'm making my own holiday decors.

we're still not ready for a christmas tree. {little girlie will have it down in a second for sure.} so i had a light bulb moment one night....
christmas diaper cake! it sits on top of the table & i even used the cake stand. perfect!

unfinished vine wreath, candy canes, ribbons & ball ornaments
christmas wreath for our door

the holiday bunting is similar to the birthday bunting i made last month. for the bottom, i glued ribbons to create tassles.
i also made vertical banners.

popsicle sticks, glue & metallic spray paint
popsicle snowflakes for our window.
i found the tutorial here.

scrapbook paper & glue
paper star ornaments for our other window. the complete tutorial is here.

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